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Waiting for What? (2022) 

In a seemingly normal office building, four people are waiting for their one lifechanging event. While passing time with talks, it quickly becomes clear that this is no normal setting - after a day of waiting something has to change. An allegory for life and the wait for... what?
Written  and directed by Hannah Bales. Short film (ENG)

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Christian Koudjo


Agnes Szuks


Vera Camacho Martins

Mohammed Nash Keita

Sam Baumann Hanegraaf

Lured In (2022)

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Mary on the Moon (2022)

Mary and her mother feel like it's been a lifetime since they last understood each other. What one wants is never what the other does, and their worlds seem to have simply drifted apart. As the conflict escalates, Cornelia decides to surprise her daughter - and asks her to let her enter a different world. short film (DE)

CAST: Natacha Stevenin (Mary) and Agnes Szuks (Cornelia) 


It's a Wonderful Life: Fanny's and Oliver's lives have been anything but normal. Only now that they're expecting their first daughter, they are ready for the boring life - so they find themselves in a bank, asking for a loan. As they try to fit in, however, something still seems to be off... short film (ENG)


Glorious:  1980. Ana grew up in London in a family of workers and maids. When on her 16th birthday, her birth mum Florence visits, suddenly everything changes. Ana needs to decide if a life in glory is worth the sacrifices she needs to make and what family truly means. Series (ENG, DEU, LU, FR)  

Make a Wish: Quinn, a young scientist, has troubles trusting others. However, as she meets Nic, his love seems to be the key - until Quinn chooses to abort their unplanned Baby. The young couple is confronted with a difficult question: Can love really conquer all? 
Feature Film (LU, ENG, FR) 

Eyes Shut : Khalil, a teenage refugee from Mali, finds himself struggling with posttraumatic stress disorder, loneliness and depression. However, together with a classmate, he faces his trauma and begins to re-think his future. A story about how love and friendship helps us conquer even life's greatest obstacles. short film (ENG)

Ainoah: Genie has been fed up with her everyday life: All day the same clients, same complaints, same routine. So, together with her best friend and niece, she decides to return to Italy, to find Noah - the first girl she ever loved. Why did their bond fall apart? And will they find it again? Feature Film  (ENG, IT)

Wake up:
Ariana, a young teacher, hasn't spent a day without thinking of her dad ever since he left. Now that he is sick after a car accident, she must decide about his life and death - a drama about a father and a daughter, whose love has been believed to be lost. Short Film (ENG) 


The Woods Don't Sleep: 1970. Independent from each other, two student unions leave for a vacation in the forest. As they meet through a coincidence, friendship and love develops - until one day, Tayo and Betty disappear. As Betty's corpse is found in the middle of the woods the next day, a hunt for the mysterious murder begins. What really happened that night? Series (DE/ENG)

When Roses Bloom: Rose, a young Luxemburgish woman,  is different than others - she has Asperger's syndrome. She likes to be organized, have a plan and doesn't like change or physical contact. However, her life gets turned upside-down as she falls in love for the first time. Will she step out of her comfort? Short Film (ENG)